Learn about tenant directories that go far beyond Housing

A new generation of online Tenant Information and Community Hubs are providing far more than access to housing services.  


As part of a housing provider’s main website, they are now offering opportunities to grow skills, find work, manage money or improve health.


The Tenant Information and Community Hubs have been built by Kirklees Council-owned technology developer, LookingLocal who are offering housing associations one-to-one briefings on this exciting new platform that creates an online community focal point - and opens up resources vital to the tenants’ wealth and well-being.


Services and advice available on the hubs span jobs, benefits, financial planning, training, transport, community information and NHS portals.The Tenant Information and Community Hubs are designed for easy access across a range of platforms, maximising inclusion of all users


And as an online community resource, the hubs promote and support local businesses, charities, neighbourhood groups and other organisations, putting them at tenants’ fingertips.


Please get in touch if you would like to learn more.  Email helpdesk@lookinglocal.gov.uk or call 0845 434 8540.