How are LookingLocal and entitledto enabling Hyde Housing to help their residents understand upcoming changes to benefits?

The July 2015 Budget announced a pledge to cut £12 billion from the welfare bill. This will result in many changes to benefits that will be introduced over the next few years. The welfare reform bill is currently in its third reading and the changes will start to be implemented from April next year.
To help people in the UK understand these changes entitledto has partnered with LookingLocal to include a responsive benefits calculator in our MyCouncil and MyLandlord apps.
The apps offer a digital platform for both landlords and local authorities to communicate directly with tenants and the local public on issues such as repairs, maintenance and litter. The apps have a simple, intuitive design making it easy for users to navigate while on the go.
The online benefits calculator from entitledto helps people determine which benefits they can claim. The calculators are authoritative and accurate and have unrivalled benefits coverage including means-tested and contribution based benefits such as Universal Credit and Council Tax Support.
By using the online benefit calculator from within the app, users can determine whether they are receiving the right amount of money in their benefit claims, whether they are eligible for other types of benefits, as well as understand what their position will be as government welfare reforms take effect.
David Morrissey, Director of Core Operations at The Hyde Group said:
"The Hyde Group are very pleased to be working with LookingLocal to provide a simple to use free app that delivers excellent housing and local services, as well as many very useful links to important information to help our residents stay up to date on a range of other key services.   We know our residents time is precious, so having all of this available at their fingertips makes it a far more convenient way to interact with us.  Don’t just take our word for it our residents are telling us that “one of the best things Hyde have is the app” and “we know that when we use the Hyde app that we can track the progress of our issue, which means we know it is being resolved” (Hove Residents feedback).