Health professionals positive about Self-Care Hub

The Self-Care Hub, the new online tool that empowers people with long-term health issues to better understand and self-manage their conditions, has had an excellent response from health professionals from across the UK who attended a preview at the Library of Birmingham.

Feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive – with attendees describing it as “patient-centred”, “a great tool” that “works really well”, has “huge applicability” and is “an exciting way of involving people in the design of their own health care.”

Presentations and collaborative group sessions generated lively discussion - and valuable input into the Hub's development - as representatives from diverse areas of the health sector fed in their expertise. Areas discussed were wide-ranging and covered how the Hub might be perceived by patients, the use of social media to create a ‘circle of care’, how well the confidence self-assessment tracker worked, and additional features that users would find useful or engaging. 

Underpinned by proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, the Self-Care Hub encourages behavioural change by supporting users to achieve measurable goals. It takes a ‘whole-person’ approach that promotes independent decision-taking – and users can also engage the support of a circle of formal and informal carers.

The Self-Care Hub is being built by Kirklees Council-owned technology developer, LookingLocal, working with long-term care clinicians and public health professionals.

Attendees at the Birmingham preview heard from Sarah Muckle, Public Health Consultant at Kirklees Council, on the Kirklees self-care landscape; Dr Steve Ollerton, Chair of the North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group, on working differently with patients, and LookingLocal's Chief Technology Officer, John Latham, who outlined the challenge of digitising offline healthcare techniques. It was hosted by LookingLocal's Managing Director, Guy Giles. 

The Self-Care Hub is being rolled out by Kirklees Council’s Public Health Directorate, working with the Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) under the title, MyHeathTools. Patient trials have been taking place through March and April focusing on breathing problems and anxiety.

LookingLocal Managing Director, Guy Giles said: “It is clear from the very stimulating discussions at the Library of Birmingham preview that there is clearly a space for the Self-Care Hub in the area of the self-management of long-term conditions.  The enthusiasm and insight of those who attended will be invaluable in helping us further refine the Self-Care Hub and the many benefits it brings - to both patients and the clinicians responsible for their care.”

Further information on the Self-Care Hub is available from Irene Zdziebko on 0845 434 8540, or 01757 638154 or