Boosting employment prospects across all LookingLocal products

With employment figures high on the agenda following this week’s budget, unemployed end-users of LookingLocal’s products are being given instant access to a digital service that aims to improve their chances of landing a job. 
Sourced from The Daily Job-Seeker and developed in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) the service offers a comprehensive range of help and advice tools designed to help job-hunters do as well as possible throughout the application process.
It has been embedded free of charge in all LookingLocal channels and apps, such as MyCouncil and My Landlord, for all 130 content partners.
Advice on completing a killer CV, planning a job search and refining your interviewing skills can be found, together with tips on boosting your chances by managing your online profile, standing out from other candidates and gaining valuable work experience by volunteering.
And because LookingLocal’s channels and apps integrate with Universal Jobmatch, the latest real-time information about job vacancies can also be accessed.   Last year 660,000 jobs were searched through LookingLocal products, which also contain features that help users deliver on their claimant commitment.
Money and benefits advice is also available on most LookingLocal platforms – and with the nationwide roll-out of Universal Credit under way, more users than ever are using these digital channels to find out how the changes will affect them.
The service is available through Sky and Virgin digital TV, smartphone apps and mobile for customers of all local authorities, housing associations and health and care organisations that subscribe to LookingLocal’s platforms and channels.
More information on LookingLocal products is available from , phone 0845 434 8540.